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What is a cross line laser?

Date: 2018/08/08

What is a cross line laser?Some people will ask this question.

We found some clues at Wikipedia.

A line laser is a laser modified to project a line rather than a point .

Using multiple lasers, it is possible to project multiple lines for use with image processing.

 cube high accuracy cross line laser designed by Well-Man has the features of Self-leveling, warning when beyond self-leveling range and can release the cube Self-Leveling cross laser line.

According to the introduction of Wikipedia we can understand that line lasers project horizontal and vertical laser lines onto the surface they are placed on, and the device comes with a built-in spirit level or plumb bob that guarantees accuracy.

Line lasers are the way to go when choosing a leveling tool for your next product.

As a professional manufacturer, well-man can produce cube high accuracy cross line laser,witch can finish your work with high quality.

The modern laser levels are cheaper and easier to carry around. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it has revolutionized the whole construction and other related projects.

The results after using a construction laser level are far more accurate than they used to be and the whole process has been made shorter and more efficient.

So,on which occasion can this tool be applied?

They are used in a variety of jobs where layout is performed and an accurate, level reference is needed.  

Some tasks are small, such as hanging pictures in a level fashion across a living room wall. Some tasks are large, such as installing sewer pipe or handling a site grading plan for a new building.


If you want to know more about cross line laser or cube high accuracy cross line laser, please contact us.



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