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When to use green beam marking or red beam marking cross line laser?

Date: 2018/08/10

At present, cross line lasers on the market can release two colors of lasers, red and green.

The red beam marking cross line laser have been widely used and the green beam marking cross line laser is recently produced.

So what's the difference between The red beam marking cross line laser and the green beam laser?

Well-Man is a company specializing in red beam marking cross line laser.

Outside of the obvious difference in color, there are significant differences between red and green cross line lasers. 

Green lasers remain at the top of users preferences which often operate at a wavelength of 532nm in a Class IIIA. It can be detected 4 times better compared to the red laser.

A laser emitted by green diode can be sensed at a longer distance without requiring a detector and can be seen as a solid line from the rotating laser, giving it a great edge in interior jobs.Since it can cover a longer distance, it means lesser time for setup and more time saved for the project.The green laser is the most preferred choice in round construction, for working on dry walling and suspended ceilings, and when mixing exterior and interior work.

green lasers much more expensive than red ones.Green diodes are more expensive because there’s a limited number of suppliers, and there’s lower demand compared to red diodes as the industry becomes more familiar with the new technology. On top of that, a smaller issue is that green diodes generate more heat and consume more power, which presents some challenges.

So you must know how to choose the right laser now.Of course, if you have any other questions, please come to visit our company.

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