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How To Calibrate a high precision shock resistant laser level

Date: 2018/08/14

Using laser levels can help you get a high precision result.

But a miscalibrated laser level can’t achieve this outcome.It is very important to determine the calibration after you receive your rotary laser level from mail or if it has been accidentally dropped. 

This is why you need to calibrate a high precision shock resistant laser level.

HOW TO CALIBRATE A high precision shock resistant laser level

1.Set up your laser on a tripod about at least 20-50 feet away from the wall .The exact location of the tripod is not critical.

2.Rotate the laser so that the front is pointing at the wall and switch on the detector as well as the laser level.

3.When the detector gives the signal for levelness, make a mark on the wall.

4.Rotate the laser level 180 ° and mark the point where the laser beam strikes. Different models have different tolerance levels specified.

5.Measure the difference between the two marks.  If it is within the devices specified accuracy then it is correct.

6.Rotate the laser 90 degrees and make a mark using the detector.  Measure the difference of this mark and the previous mark.  If any of the axis fails to show the intended result, your laser level may need to be calibrated by well-man service.

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