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Troubleshooting for dust-proof laser levels

Date: 2018/08/15

There will inevitably be some problems with good equipment.

If there are some problems with your dust-proof laser level, how should we solve them?

A dust-proof laser level can face many damages and encounter some minor troubles that can be fixed by the user itself. Here are some of the troubleshoots of the rotary lasers, along with tricks to fix the problems:

1.Affected leveling:

If the levelling is not done properly then it will affect the measurements that you get from the device. 

To ensure proper levelling, make sure that your unit is placed on stead surface, if it is set on a surface with heavy vibrations then you will end up with unsteady levelling and the laser lines will be unreliable. 

It’s an easy fix, just mounting the device on a tripod or in a stable location that will be free of vibrations.

2.On duty battery failure:

Sometimes, you’ll run into the sudden, untimely death of your battery, forcing the operation and work to be stopped in the middle of process. 

One reason for this might be not monitoring the charge on the battery. Another may be not using the right charger or not using it correctly. 

One quick fix is just to use the level with external power; if you need to use an AC converter, that will work. But also keep in mind that you can keep your battery alive as long as possible with the following measures: charging it as appropriate with the correct charger; keeping it dry; and drying it thoroughly if it does chance to get wet.

3.Low visibility of laser beam:

There some moments when the visibility of the laser beam emitted by the rotary laser level gets very low, due to which the alignment and leveling become very less visible even in normal light. It makes it impossible to get the accurate leveling due to the low visibility of the beam.

The rotation speed of the device affects the visibility of the light. The speed you’re getting at a particular time is the default setting of the level. Thus, you can go in and adjust the speed to get the kind of visibility you need.

dust-proof laser level

4.Laser beam not visible due to bright light:

It is true that bright lights or sunlight may hinder the rotary laser level device from projecting a visible laser beam.

If one cannot see the laser beam emitted by the rotary laser level due to bright lights or sunlight at the outdoors, the best way to tackle this problem is to use a laser detector. The laser detector makes the beam visible even in bright light. 

5.Dead area:

A dead area is just a place that the level isn’t quite able to hit due to obstructions.

if there is any dead area in the leveling with the rotary laser level device, one can simply change the direction of the rotation. It is possible to change the direction of rotation to clockwise or anticlockwise mode.

When operating this way, be sure to keep the rotation speed at 0° rmp. Otherwise, you can damage the unit.

6.Remote control malfunction:

Many a times, the remote control of the rotary laser level device don’t respond and sometimes it does.

When using a remote control with a line laser level, you must remember that most of the remote controls use technology which requires the user to be in a direct, uninterrupted line of vision from the sensor of the remote control to the sensor of the laser level.

This means that if anything appears between the two sensors, your remote will stop working.

7.Rotary device not responding:

Sometimes the rotary in the rotary laser level stops responding, making the device unable to perform any necessary rotary functions. It can be a big problem.

When the rotary laser level device stops working, you should check the whole device carefully. Check the connection and the batteries, if both of them work just fine, check the joint of the rotary laser level just in case there is any corrosion. Treat the corrosion with anti-corrosion ointments, your rotary laser device should work perfectly.

If you have other problems about dust-proof laser level that you can't solve, please contact us.

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